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Jul 23, Carley rated it it was amazing. Wow this a must read this year! Will make your heart race and your palms sweat. I could not put this book down.

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The second installment in the love story of Cash and Tally is absolutely fantastic and will certainly leave you begging for more. I cried laughed and felt every emotion possible during the ups and downs of this story and the end left me screaming. I cannot wait to read more..

Tracie Delaney has done it again and left me heartbroken waiting for the third installment. Jul 30, Sissy's Romance Book Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-funnel , cliffhanger , contemporary , own-gift , trt , 5-star , read , arc-author-publisher , indiesage-pr , series. I do feel that you should read the first book 'Winning Ace" since that starts their story.

This book picks up about three weeks after Tally was sent pictures of Cash with another women. Tally is in hiding and trying to deal with her broken heart Although she feels that the brief affair with her teenage Idol will not break her she is having a struggle moving past it. Love can do that But Cash does find her and confronts her Of Course she does! Cash's secrets start to come out and Tally learns what he has been hiding. Be aware though Aug 03, Incy Black rated it really liked it. And the ups and downs of true love and life continue… So refreshing to be a part of how a relationship stutters and deepens and explodes as it weathers the storms life throws.

Winning Ace Book 1 introduced the turbulence that is Tally and Cash, and Losing Game B And the ups and downs of true love and life continue… So refreshing to be a part of how a relationship stutters and deepens and explodes as it weathers the storms life throws. Winning Ace Book 1 introduced the turbulence that is Tally and Cash, and Losing Game Book 2 follows this couple on their emotional journey towards a possible happy ever after.

Delaney keeps us hanging with all the skill of a Mistress of Tease. Nope, as is now her trademark, Ms. Delaney hides things up her sleeves—and her arms are bloody long! Highly recommended. Oct 19, The Book Junkie Reads. I just finished book one a few days ago. It was fresh in my mind and I was burning to get a hold of this one and start the adventurous romance of Cash and Tally.

I just was not completely expecting to get what I got.

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This one was fast pace and hard hitting. There was something around every page turned. There was this build of anticipation. The passion. The chemistry. The energy. The stamina. The witt and banter. The pain and sorrow.

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There will be heartbreak. If you read book one, which is a must I just finished book one a few days ago. If you read book one, which is a must to move forward, you do not want to miss book two. This one will be explosive in many ways. Jul 22, Epiphany rated it it was amazing Shelves: tracie-delaney. The moment it hit my kindle I dropped everything to read. I have a love, hate relationship with this book.

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This book in an emotional rollercoaster for Tally and Cash. I spent most of the book wanting to hug Tally. Cash at times I wanted to slap him on the back of his head.

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There are a few things that were not answered for me in this book, but I hope they will be answered in the Wow. There are a few things that were not answered for me in this book, but I hope they will be answered in the next one. I enjoyed this emotional, frustrating, sexy at times, eventful book. I can't wait for the next book. I recommend this book but read Winning Ace first so you understand what has happened. Jul 23, Gail Atkins rated it it was amazing. The second of three books about Ace and Tally.. What I think is clever about this book, is that I think you could still read this without having read the previous book.

This book is just as addictive as the first book.. I honestly can't wait for the next installment and hopefully I'll love it like the previous two!! Jul 18, Gina rated it it was amazing. Another rollercoaster of a ride as we pick up with Cash and Tally just after the epic cliff hanger of book 1. Tracie has a knack for getting into the psyche of her characters. For making us feel their emotions as if they were our own. I spent a fair amount of time holding my breath followed by ear to ear grins. And once again, Tracie leaves us with a jaw dropping ending while we wait for the next book.

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Jul 16, Anne rated it it was amazing. It is every bit as good as the first book, taking Tally and Cash further on their journey. It is testimony to how good her writing is, that I was so invested in the characters that it really got to me at times. Aug 18, Liv rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , read , romance , ebook , arc , sports.

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So, lucky for me the second book picked up not long after the story in the first one ended. I was worried that it would be dragging because who knew where the story would go and if Tally would be heartbroken for most of the book. Anyway, I worried for nothing because the wr 4.

Anyway, I worried for nothing because the writing was as captivating as in the first book and I loved the dynamic between the characters and the fast pace. Let's just say that enemies aren't always easy to distinguish and they sometimes are people but may also come as a twist of fate.

But this is easier said than done when all you can think of is the loss it brought with it. The Story: Tally ran.

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It is currently 13 Nov , Once Cash has given Tally all of his secrets she's ready to give their relationship another try. It has it in spades. Bronstein underestimated his opponent. Difficult to do when your feelings are very much alive.

When she saw the photos of Cash kissing another woman, she was beyond devastated about his betrayal. Cash has always been stubborn and determined at getting what he wanted. But what will the consequences be? Will there be any at all? Nobody has a perfect life but people like to believe so. Why couldn't life be simpler? There was so much going on I can't even say what I loved most! If you're curious, I'm talking about Rachael and the press stuff.

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Anyway, there was a certain point where the story took a huge turn and got somewhat harder for the characters and became much more emotional with reason of course! I absolutely loved it although it was tough to read because I felt so close to the characters that it felt like I was right in the middle of their emotional disaster.

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Available after the events in Numor Mine. The Dishonest-Looking Man inside The Rift Pub offers a little game: Fight Grand Beetles in The Great Sand Sea to get a Bloodsoaked Sword. [show] Spoiler warning: This section may contain information that could spoil the story line or. Sep 3, - Travel to Baaluk. There, head for the pub. Inside, head left from the door to find Dishonest-Looking Man. He has a red text bubble over his head.

The only thing that bothered me a bit besides Tally's constant change of mind in the beginning was how fast it all happened. At least it felt for me like it happened in a blink of an eye and I don't mean what put the characters in this position but everything else after that felt a little rushed. It made for a fast pace which I liked but at the same time I would have loved to have a bit more of preparation time and details. For all I know it could have been one huge book because the story rolled so easily and was really enjoyable to read!

It reminded me of a quote from a movie 'It's the perfect combination of sweet and sexy'. That's how I felt about most of the book but it was not just funny and romantic but also really emotional when you least expected it.