Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Rewrite the Past and Live an Empowered Now!

3 Steps to Rewriting Your Narrative For a Happier, More Rewarding Life
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To continue playing the same record over and over as if we are in some sorts of hallucination. We get so busy believing our stories, protecting and validating them, that we miss out on the abundance available to us. We deny ourselves of living in joy and hope, we deny ourselves of feeling the love that radiates within our hearts and from being connected to all of life, and we deny ourselves from knowing our purpose and finding our place in the world.

Our limiting stories become the veil that blocks us from discovering our potential. That miraculous path, on which where we are always lit up by the possibilities of living and expressing our infinite potential and understanding what is true for us at every given moment. To keep us on our path to living a miraculous life, we must always do our part.

We need to take the team for internal reflection to make sure that we are acting in ways that resonate with the truth of our being. To determine which stories we once created does no longer define us and who we are as people. As we look at the stories that do not honour who we are and see them for what they really are, we will find pieces of gold that can help us see our strength and our resilience.

Self-Liberation: How to Rewrite Your Toxic Life Stories

We will find the clues that reveal what we are made that allowed us to endure those rough and ragged times. We will see that it is these limiting stories that have kept us victimised and wounded. But, I do want you to know, that in order to move from one world into another — from victim consciousness to miracle consciousness that is, the consciousness we embody in living the miraculous life — then we need to move past the anger and forgive.

Releasing our anger, our resentment, and all those shameful feelings through forgiveness is part of the path of living a miraculous life. These feelings hold us hostage and block our path to receive the good that we desire. They empower the idea of the victim and invite events into our life that continue to prove that it is so.

Rewriting Our Stories

So you can MOVE into a reality of the miraculous. We forgive so that we reclaim our power and that we can embody our true nature. We forgive because we choose to be free. You can create a new story as you embark on this new ritual that forgives those who have harmed you in the past and automatically allows abundance into your life.

Awesome, that's it! Nicely done!

When we can finally surrender, we release the tension that holds us back from Love and allows the flow of more love and goodness into our lives. Are you ready to change your story? I can offer help and support for you to change your story to a more purpose-driven life! Stay balanced, present and calm with Life. About Me. Work With Me. Privacy Policy. Cookies Policy. Your email address will not be published.

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Why stories matter

And no one will give me it, neither. The activities and tools you will use to transform your life are based on a foundation of neuroscience, psychological principles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Transactional Analysis. Course Contents 30 Videos. Your resiliency grows and you are more empowered and more self-aware of the importance of taking care of yourself not only physically, but emotionally as well. Through her journey to healing, she rediscovered her true self and greater purpose—to be an entrepreneur and inspire others to transform their lives. Thank you for that. One of my friends used to tell me, "Change how something occurs to you, and change your reality.

First Name. Last Name. I support people to move through their depression, sadness and anxiety, often from past traumatic events, and discover their sense of self again. I help them break free from the beliefs and behaviours that leave them feeling stuck, confused and unsure of who they are and what their purpose is.

I love seeing my clients simply shine as they shed these old beliefs and begin to create new stories and new behaviours that propel them to create amazing lives. Let me help you do the same. How can you change that story to make it empowering? A new story in itself is not always enough.

That story needs to be rooted in something. You have to believe it, and changing your beliefs can be the most difficult thing of all. When I decided to change my story about myself, I looked around at my life for evidence that the new story was true. For example, I knew I had friends and family who loved me and certainly thought I was good enough to receive that love.

Everyday Power

I always went out of my way to be kind and helpful to others. These are all things that, in my eyes, made me just as good as anyone else. I was comparing myself to others, and that will lead to unhappiness most of the time. Instead of thinking of myself as just as good as anyone else, I started to change my story again to simply say that I am good.

Can you find evidence around you that can support your new story? Does looking at that evidence make you realize that you need to make any changes to your new story? Supporting your new story with facts will help you believe it, but what really anchors it into your life is associating it with positive emotions.

I started meditating every morning and every evening for twenty minutes. Because my story was so broad, that visualization could include any number of things. I am a writer and am prone to imagination, so this was quite easy for me.

We all have the capability to imagine, so give it a shot and see what happens. I immediately started challenging myself. I started making a conscious effort to speak up in social situations and to express my opinion. I started asserted my needs more. I was able to see things for a more positive perspective. I most certainly am not. Sometimes I fall back into old habits, but I remember that simply making the effort gets me a step closer to my ideal than I was before. What will happen, though, is that you will recognize the opportunities that will get you there.

Our lives As A Story

Taking small steps in the right direction every day will get you were you need to be. We are often our biggest critics. Just pick yourself up and start again. Happy woman jumping image via Shutterstock. Lovelyn Bettison is an author and artist who helps people conquer their fears and reclaim their dreams. She has made a worksheet just for Tiny Buddha readers to help you change your limiting beliefs and start the journey of change in your life. You can get the worksheet at her website. This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice.

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It's ours. It's not about me. It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine.

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Click here to read more. Think Web Strategy. I would sit in my apartment and try to imagine what it would be like to be someone else.