Les Fourmis (Litt.Generale) (French Edition)

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Comment les fourmis ont inventé l'agriculture - ZAPPING SAUVAGE

Horaires d'ouverture : du lundi au vendredi 9hh et 14hh et samedi 9hh. Toutes les photos.

History Roman roots Search keywords. En images Toutes les photos. Nos partenaires. Also, if you are a native speaker of Cajun French and have entries to suggest or comments about the entries already here, feel free to contact us at alafleu lsu. It is especially useful to us to hear about regional differences, which abound in Louisiana French. Quelque chose de neuf!!!!! We are adding links to entries which will allow you to hear how words are pronounced by a Louisiana French speaker.

Enlightenment and bleak times

When you see a term, you may be able to click on it to hear the word. Pronunciation in Louisiana French is highly variable by region, but the pronunciation you hear is nonetheless representative of a "typical speaker. A note about pronunciation:The upper-case letters in brackets at the beginning of some entries are meant to serve as a rough guide to the pronunciation of words using an English-based spelling system.

We are using an English-based system since most of our students are native English speakers, but you should keep in mind that French pronunciation has traits that make such a comparison only approximative. Also, keep in mind that regional variants in pronunciation abound in CF Cajun French. The pronunciation given here will be typical but not necessarily the "only way" the term is pronounced in Louisiana.

That's Esta's dog. From SF accomoder. Marie et Jacques s'adonnent bien avec leurs voisins. Marie and Jacques get along well with their neighbors. It so happened that Philippe and I were in the same class. They don't like the boy their daughter is going out with. These two forms more accurately represent the pronunciation of the pronoun in context, but many Louisiana French writers prefer to use the SF elle in general to represent the subject pronoun.

She didn't want to talk to you because she was really angry. SF elle. Form of aller to go. Let's go. Allons au festival! Let's go to the festival! Allons danser! Let's dance! Allons dire que t'es dans un accident. Let's suppose you're in an accident.

Bernard Maris

SF attacher. He doesn't listen to anyone because he's in love. Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux. That man is a womanizer. The store belonged to Gilbert Trahan. After the dance, we went to eat at Cecile's house. We were sleeping when he called. See also: essayer.

Get down from there right now! Parle plus fort! Je peux pas t'attendre. Speak louder. I can't hear you.

See also: picocher. I went fishing yesterday morning, but I didn't catch anything but a cold.

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Attrape la gazette sus le comptoir. Grab the newspaper on the counter. I want to see who won the race. The two guys were running neck and neck up until the end of the race. We're going to move next to my father-in-law's place. On va se revoir au ras de cinq heures. We'll see each other again around 5 o'clock. Variant to reflect pronunciation: aussitte. Avant le souper, on a besoin de se laver.

Before supper, we have to wash up. He bought his car from Howard Fontenot. Do you want to go to the dance with me tonight? Variant spelling: badjeuler. Variant spelling: badgeuler.

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In one sense, this is a book about disconnection—how our passions can buckle under the demands and emotions of daily life—and about reconnection: how the act of seeking passion and beauty in small ways can lead us to discover our most satisfying life. He promises his publisher a novel that will answer all of these questions. Plan your visit. At stake, a box of sugar. So let us explore what happens to your Apple Account if you lose access to your secondary authentication factor, and compare the process of regaining control over your account in Apple and Google ecosystems.

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. Look at the beautiful baby! Feminine: belle. That's quite a big melon! Variant: bibi. Donne-moi un petit bec doux, cher!

See a Problem?

Give me a sweet little kiss, dear! See also: jumeau. See also: camisole. Do you prefer fresh or smoked sausage? Bouki n. What's happening, buddy?