Sodomie : Les Clés du Plaisir (French Edition)

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Aigreur Ehgrehr. Acidity of the stomach. Shaped like a needle. Aileron Ehlrohn. Aimant Ehmdhn. Aine Ehn. Aire Ehr.

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Aisselle Ehssehl. Akinesique Ahkeenazeek. Alar or wing portion of the sphenoid bone. Alaise Ahlehz. Alalia Ahlahlee. An old term of Lordat for Aphasia. Albinos Ahlbeendh. Albumina Ahlbumeen. Albumine,-a Ahlbutneend That which contains albumen. Albumin- ous. Albu- minometer.

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Album inoidas Ahlbumeenoeed. Albumi- noids. Albuminuria Ahlbumeenuree. Albumi- nuria. Albu- minuric. Alcalescence AhlkahlassdJmss. The state of alkalinity. Alcalimetrie Ahlkahleematree. Alkalim- etry. Alcalin,-e AhlkaJilehn. Alcaloide Ahlkahloheed.

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Alcool Ahlkohl. Alcoolat Ahlkoohldh. Any drug obtained from distilling alcohol on an aromatic substance. Alcoolature Ahlkoohlahtilr. Tincture pre- pared by maceration. Alcoole Ahlkoohld. All alcoholic com- pounds containing medicinal principles prepared by macerating or dissolving. Alco- holization.

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Sodomie, Les Clés du Plaisir», ce sont plus de pages de conseils très précis, de photos et d'astuces que vous n'aurez plus qu'à appliquer Pour que la. Sodomie: Les Clés du Plaisir (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Eve O. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

Alcoolise,-e Ahlkoohleezd. Any liquid containing alcohol. Alcoolisme Ahlkoohleesm. Mixture composed of one part of alcohol and three parts of honey.

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A soluble salt of double chloride of ammonium and mercury. Alese ou Aleze.

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See Alaise. Alexitere Ahlaxeetdr. Algidite Ahlzsheedeetd. Mental de- rangement. Aliene,-e Ahleeand. Alieniste Ahleeaneest. A spe- cialist in insanity. Aliforme Ahleefdhrm. Aliment Ahleemdhn.

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A vrai dire, cette erreur des parents de M. Antagoniste Ahntahgohnest. Cervelle SSehrvShll. Abbreviation for Amalgam. Nom de dieu, merci!!! Carie,-e Kahreed.

Alimentaire Ahleemahntdr. Alimentation Ahleemahntahssidn. Feed- ing. Allaitement Ahllatmdhn. AUantoide Ahllahntoeed. One of the fetal membranes conveying blood-vessels to the chorion. The lower part of it becomes the bladder. Tast- ing or smelling garlic. AUochirie Ahllohkeeree. A sensory dis- order consisting of this peculiarity that the touch of one part of the skin is referred to the corresponding place on the opposite side of the body Ober- steiner. It is observed sometimes in Tabes. Lengthen- ing. Allopathic Ahllohpahtee. System of practice of medicine, opposed to homeopathy. Allure Ahlluhr.

Aloes Ahlohds. Alopecie Ahlohpassee. Alternance Ahltarndhns. Tooth socket. Al- veolus. Alveole,-e Ahlvadhlo. Amadou Ahmahdoo. Agaricus of sur- geons. German tinder. Amaigrissement A hmagreessmdhn. Amaurose Ahmohrdhz. Amaurotique Ahmohrohteek.

Ambidex- trous. Amblyope Ahmbleedhp. Affected with amblyopia. Amblyopic Ahmbleeohpee. Dimness of vision. Ambre,-e Ahmbrd. Ambula- tory. Ame Ahm. Amelioration [Ahmdleeohrassidn. Im- provement. Amer,-e Ahmdr. Amibe Ahmeeb. Amidonne,-e Ahmeedonnd. Containing starch. Ammon; Corne d'Ammon Kohrn d'Ah- mohn. Hippocampus major. Loss of memory.