Terror and Revenge

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The Muslim world has been under attack by the US and its allies for years.

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We shot down Libyan planes in , bombed Beirut in and , and attacked Libya again in In we sank an Iranian ship, and we shot down one of their passenger planes in In we shot down more Libyan planes. In we bombed Sudan and Afghanistan. The death and destruction that resulted from these actions were not reported by the US media in any great detail.

Violence begets violence. So, not surprisingly, our assets have been targets of some counterattacks in the ongoing war. In , a truck bomb killed marines in Beirut. In , a Pan Am passenger plane was brought down by explosives placed onboard by Libyans.

UK intelligence services step up monitoring after death of Isis leader | UK news | The Guardian

Our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were blown up in With over sixty major military bases and hundreds of smaller installations scattered around the world, the US is an imperial power. Whether it takes the form of protests, military attacks or terrorism, you can count on this: the resistance will not end until the imperialist policies do. Terrorism can never be stopped. There will always be those with the capability of expressing their anger and frustration through violence. Our society is extremely vulnerable.

Who was the 'Islamic State' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Work by Trinidad Escobar. Creole voanouvel. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi described al-Baghdadi's death as a significant step in the two countries' "joint, continuing war against terrorists and their ideology of hate. But that is not the way empires classically behave. She is from lots of different places, mostly Kansas.

A good way to fight terrorism would be to eliminate some of the policies that cause so much resentment in the rest of the world. It would help if the US started closing military bases in the Middle East, which have no other purpose than to intimidate and control other countries in the region.

Pulwama terror attack revenge: PM Modi says forces given full freedom

The US could end the sanctions against Iraq, terminate its support of brutal Israeli actions against Palestinians, and rethink policies that require us to respond to every provocation with overwhelming firepower. In short, we could start acting like we were a part of the global community, rather than arrogant, omnipotent rulers over it.

Not only would these actions be moral and ethical, they would also help reduce the feelings of humiliation, impotence and frustration that breed extremist ideology. But that is not the way empires classically behave. Instead, the military strike is the knee-jerk reaction to every act that challenges our hegemony, because as a nation we have dedicated ourselves so single-mindedly to developing our military that it has now become the primary instrument of our foreign policy.

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Just as with all empires, the military consumes more and more of our resources, assumes an ever-greater role in our national life, and becomes the uncontested answer to every international disagreement. And so George W. Bush, as his father before him, pounds his chest and gears up for violent revenge, as if there were no serious alternatives to consider, no other possible courses of action.

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As we now know first-hand, brutal attacks against civilians generate intense rage, feelings of nationalism and calls for revenge. More attacks by Western forces that slaughter even more civilians may eliminate a few terrorist leaders, but will inevitably spawn thousands more embittered warriors, seething with hatred for the US Some of these people, already smothered by poverty and despair, will form the new terrorist cadres. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Please update your billing details here.

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